Tuesday, May 23, 2017

End of Book Thoughts

Your journey with Number the Stars has come to an end. I hope you enjoyed it. I want you to spend some time reflecting on the book. Think about the characters, time period, the main events in the story.

  • What did you enjoy most about the book? 
  • Was there anything you didn't like about the book? 
  • What did you think about the way the story ended? 
  • Was there anything you wish would have happened that didn't? 

Please use specific details from the story to support your thinking. Be honest about your feelings and thinking, this is your time to reflect on your book. Make sure to answer ALL questions.


  1. What I enjoyed most about the book was the part where Annemarie was stopped by the German soldiers and their dogs, because it was a really thrilling and mysterious when the dogs did not smell anything in the basket. What I did not like about the book is when Peter died and how he died, because nobody wants to be shot and killed. What I thought about the way the the story ended is why would the author have Peter die at the end? Also, what happened to Papa at the end? What I wish had not happened in the book is Peter dying at the end.

  2. I enjoyed many parts of the book I liked how they used many details on what they are doing and what the characters are thinking I could really read this book any day. I didn't like how all the Germans were taking away everything and tearing apart families because of their beliefs. I think the way the story ended was sad especially when we heard Peter died and how Lisa died while working for the resistance. I wish that the story would of told us more about Lisa and what she did while working for the resistance.

  3. What I enjoyed most about the book is how every little part of the story all made sense in the story at some point. Also, I liked how there was a lot of different emotions. An example is, how the soldiers said halt to the girl when was were running back home from school. I didn’t like the book because there was a lot of death and it made me feel very sad about how all of the people who were killed. I liked how the story ended because everything tied together at the end and it all made a lot of sense at the end of the story. I wished at the end of the story that Ellen and her family came back to their apartment because that makes it feel like the story has ended and that everything is alright and Ellen’s family is OK.

  4. What I liked about the story was how it had lots of details that helped paint pictures in my head. I didn't like the book because it had some cliff hangers at the end of the chapters. It made me feel frustrated because I could not read on to see what happens. I liked the end of the book it had different emotions, happiness and sadness. It was happy because the Germans were out of Denmark and Ellen should be coming home. It was sad because Peter died and we learned how Lise died. No body likes death. I wish the author would have had Ellen return at the end of the book. I would have like to read about them seeing each other again.


  5. What I enjoyed most about the book is When Ellen sall her parents at Uncle Henrik’s house. Anything I didn’t enjoy about the book would have to be When I found out that Peter got executed in the town square. I also didn’t like about the book is when the soldiers stopped her when she was going to Uncle Henrik’s boat, and the soldiers opened the envelope,and sall a handkerchief and they called Annemarie a stupid girl. I think the way the story ended was one of the best endings I have ever read, because I liked the part that said “ Until she comes I will where it myself.” There was something that I wished that had happened but didn’t and it is that I wished it said at the end it would say the Rosens were back home safely,and when the war was over they went over to the Johnsen's to watch the dancing, and singing people that were celebrating that the war was over.